As a well player in the packeging industry, clients reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. To that end, the IT team at client was seeking a relevant, in-depth and effective professional company to build a business tracking and sales enabler mobil app of their workforce.

Client: One of the largest packaging service providers in India

Industry: Packaging

Services: IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

Via: avertastrategy.com


As Head of product and channel distribution at client , Our SPOC’s s task was to raise standards in use of technology which can be used by all the stake holders like procurment , dispatch , accounts , sales ,admin , HR and ultimately should create a online business & sales tracking tool across the group.

“Our aim was that every satake holder at our company reaches what we would describe as a minimum acceptable standard of company Industry: knowledge, and capability, and be able to apply that to their day job and have an impact on our customers.”

But not only does client have a very large workforce, it is also spread all over the state . Mr.Avinash is a Sales head at client . For hhim, it was clear that a business needed an online solution accessble all the time and should communicate across all the verticals .

The company had an existing ERP system but was relying on pencil, paper and memory for replenishment. As it grew, staff began to struggle and orders weren’t always properly analysed. A move to spreadsheets helped but didn’t resolve the problem.

Client recognised it needed a better solution capable of handling rapid growth while meeting its obligations to customers and suppliers alike. It wanted to reduce inventory and balance stock better across its depots.

“The senior managers said we are quite a complex business. We needed something flexible that could develop as we grow , and should accommodate all the stake holders who are responsible for everyday contribution & growth .”


With IT strategy and project support, Averta provided the resources and expertise this client needs to modernize their business. Having a deep understanding of the client’s needs and operations, Averta is able to suggest solutions and strategies that help them keep pace with changes in the industry. Cloud storage, applications, and terminal services allow the client to put connected devices in the hands of their mobile workforce. All the stake holders , end customer , dealers along with all team members from – on the field, in the warehouse, or in the office – are working together more effectively.

  • Client evaluated couple of products but choose BizGrow for its simplicity to understand and it’s the only product which can solve business problems with few customizations .
  • Data were key to providing a firm foundation for the new solution
  • It took multiple meetings to discuss in FGD to understand the needs of all stake holders and the pain areas to add new features too.
  • BiZgrow was able to meet the expectations from procurement , manufacturing unit to the sales executive to ground , the dealers and the end users too.
  • Product delivered in just 30 days with all the defined scope.


Implementing the technology that powers the process management , sales track , stock & inventory , orders , ease in handling customer queries …..averta  has enabled this manufacturing  client to become more profitable. This roll out includes solution access through web application  mobile devices in the office, in the warehouse, and on the road. They now have tablets on every , mobile devices in delivery trucks, and applications that enable their sales force..

“ BizGrow not only changed the perception looking at the process but also motivated our team with all required dashboards , sales dashboards, targets and achievements a healthy competition started. “ A product in charge was so much excited when he cited these lines.

“The result was that we now have a far greater degree of visibility and control over our supply chain.” This is came right from the heart from sales head.

  • Industry             : Manufacturing
  • Employees             : 200+
  • Locations : 6 locations + mobile workforce
  • Primary Solutions : Managed Services, Project Support, Terminal Services
  1. 100% improved order to delivery satisfaction
  2. 6 days reduction in inventory reserve
  3. 90% stock-outs down
  4. Increased free warehouse space
  5. Improved collaboration with suppliers