GBSITS (Government Beneficiary Scheme Implementation & Tracking Solution) is a product innovated for the government departments which require implementing various schemes for farmers, entrepreneurs, specially disabled people, women, fisherman etc.

GBSITS is a well-designed and now established product after two successful implementations at Animal Husbandry ministry in Maharashtra


How We Work With GBSITS

Averta Strategy's framework of GBSITS provides tools to carry out the whole lifecycle of beneficiary management with utmost correctness saving numerous work hours, lot of paperwork and maainitng the transparency throughout the process


Website and Android app for Department Officials and Farmers to carry out the application and selection process along with timely notifications


Implemented the application for three consecutive years for Animal Husbandry Department of Maharashtra and one year for Animal Husbandry Department of Nandurbar


Provided quality support to both Officials and Farmers. Answered 1,000+ emails and 10,000+ calls each year


Received many appreciation mails, calls and a letter from commissioner office for successful implementation

Problem statement Beneficiary Selection

Before the online GBSITS system, users had to face many hurdles to carry out the beneficary selection process each year

Very tedious process
Time consuming
Lot of paprework
No assurity of transparency
The future of Beneficiary Selection process is GBSITS

GBSITS enables users to process very large number of application within very short span of time with maintaining the transparency

Every Year, around 7 Lakhs applications are processed
Every Year, around 50 thousand beneficiaries get selected
Complete online process to avoid any manual Intervention
Updates on each stage to maintain the selection transparency
We believe in GBSITS System - A solution for every beneficary selection process

With the help of GBSITS, any beneficiary management scheme can be implemented online withing few days

Some of the key benefits of this application are as below

Farmers can apply for the schemes from anywhere

No physical documents needed

Officials can verify the applications using online portal itself

Timely updates to both officials and farmers

Any scheme can be implemented using the same application

With no changes or only minor chanhes this system can go live for any new scheme as well

It's unique configuration tool allows to make the changes at the run time

Lot of time saved

Lot of paper work saved

Transparency maintained with timely updates

Very easy to understand process

On Playstore
12 Lakh+
1.5 Lakh+
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Application Workflow


Creating opportunities for various Government Departments

Bringing trust, speed & transparency in beneficiary management systems across various government departments