Helping various government departments, entrepreneurs & enterprises to become more selfsustained, effective, efficient & visible in nations growth

Averta aims to be a Govtech-focused startup & to work on impactful innovations to serve state & central government to be more effective and credible when they open their doors technology integrations, made data driven decision and get analytical insights

At Averta Strategy, we believe that every interaction between citizen and their government should be exceptional, long lasting, hassle free, ease oriented, transparent and frictionless

That’s why we build technology solutions designed to faster positive and powerful civic experiences. By providing key products, Averta Strategy has earned the trust of over 14,00,000+ citizens which includes beneficiaries like farmers, pashupalaks, budding entrepreneurs for more than 10 government schemes, 4 major marketplace Portals E-Governance solutions, 1 B2B / B2C Portal for Silage Industry, and many more in pipeline

Our clients are driven by the millions of civilians they serve. We are driven to ensure they have the most powerful software and services to support their work

A Focused GovTech startup

Averta Strategy a Product based IT start-up is bringing a ease & creating a bridge between government and citizens. Our product frameworks provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to government strategy foster collaborative thinking to further increase the overall value proposition & helps in creating government services / department as brand

Few of our solution features are mentioned below, Our Products can help you improve turn-around times and enhance citizen relationships

Improve Citizen Engagement

Averta Service Request Management creates a branded and “consumer-like” experience for citizens. It makes it easy for community members to make requests for services

Cost Effective

Averta products aims to decrease government spending by reducing time and resources required by them to handle non-emergency requests. When citizens interact with government online, & third party agencies if needed can better manage call centre staffing

Automate InterDepartment Collaboration

Conditional workflows ensure requests are picked up by the correct department with two-way synchronization for close tracking and management. Tasks can easily be assigned based on request type and even geographic boundaries

Create Stronger Communities

More efficient processing for non-emergency citizen requests make for cleaner, safer and more livable communities. Plus, when citizens can connect with government in a way that’s comfortable for them

Enabling Effectiveness

Paperless, transparent, automated & smart decision making tool ideated, designed, developed & implemented

Increase Efficiency

Automated workflows, dashboards, real-time data, analytics, accountability & responsibility tracking, make informed, Increased productivity, reduce manual work, Highly configurable

Flawless implementation

Averta’s cloud based, pre-mapped & fully customizable solutions will make any government departments work easy, department just needs to add benefits, define evaluation parameters, define required documents, allow authority access for verifications or tracking and its ready

Process Automation

Automate pre-configured workflows to identify request types, route tasks associated with submissions, send internal communications, and deliver push notifications to the public

Service Request Management

Access an intuitive platform for agency staff to search requests, track cases, set up processes and prioritize and manage their queue from request intake to resolution

Online Citizen Access

Enhance the citizen experience with a fully branded mobile application and online portal for requesting services. Citizens can conveniently upload and mark-up photos of issues and submit and track requests

Benefit Management Integration

Integrate with benefit status & aligned solutions to propel service requests into action and streamline processes for faster resolution

Brand your department

Averta products & support services which are white labelled as your product & services will help you to score on citizen services. Till now many appreciations are the self advocate our statements

Work with one of the most appreciated startup in E-Governance

Averta Service Request Management, a branded, mobile and web-based application, helps government keep pace with evolving citizen demands and facilitates customer relationship management. Users can make requests and access information when and how it’s convenient for them. In addition, agencies can ensure close case management with limited resources to resolve requests fast.

Active Colloboration
On-Schedule Delivery
After Sales Services
24x7 On-Support
Building Trust, Creating Transparency, ensuring ease in Governance between government & citizens

Our consultative approach and well defined processes helps clients to land out to exact problem statement and our team Gathers required documents, do process mapping well by interacting with all the system stake holders which may also include fill out fully-integrated, easy-to-use, web-based forms

Build capital, personnel, and operational budgets efficiently. Collaborate with department heads directly within averta GoveTech products, keeping all conversations well documented and increasing efficiency. Use powerful visualizations to inform decision making and we ideate, design, develop and implement solutions which brought ease to all the users at different levels

We are more appreciated for sales after support than our to the point solutions. We do keep our meeting calendars busy to serve you better, we also helped our various customers by running their campaigns to help their initiatives. we do more than sales, we do collaborate to make the client for life

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Why Governments Choose Averta Strategy.

Two-way, transparent conversations are at the heart of the platform, leading to higher rates of participation and more community trust. Your dedicated team engagement expert helps you design impactful projects from start to finish.

Highly Interactive
Averta Strategy’s products are the leading solution for the public sector, selected and trusted by many customers across India.
Easy to Use
Our online software is intuitive and easy to use from any browser or mobile device, with familiar browser-based screens and controls.
Easy to Configure
It’s easy to implement and update Averta's products as your processes evolve over time with our advanced configuration toolkit.
Communicate Better
Deliver optimized content and experiences with detailed reports that highlight what to focus on, and prioritize fixes that will have the biggest impact for your users
We believe in Long Term Partnership.

Averta Srategy Platform is designed to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes, and provides modern technologies needed to ensure the highest degrees of scalability, reliability and flexibility.

Our cloud infrastructure scales to accommodate large user loads from both employees and citizens. In our cloud data centers, our system provides the capacity to meet your needs, no matter the growth of your community or the amount of additional services and solutions you deploy to users.

Our platform is flexible to meet the unique needs of different agencies. Many of our customers start with our civic solutions, and through configuration – not customization – create the solutions that best meet their needs, without the need for 100% custom implementations.

The Averta Strategy platform is protected with full system redundancy, fail-over, and disaster recovery implementations, and we meet the strictest standards for system uptime.

" We manage your most important infrastructure projects with Averta Strategy’s Frameworks. With Averta Strategy’s Masterworks, you can keep track of every schedule, budget, fund and document during complex, multi-year projects."

" You are excited to use Averta Strategy’s cloud and mobile products to drive greater efficiency, collaboration and automation. The Averta's Masterworks could will help you get projects released, awarded, and reimbursed from federal funds faster.”

" We bring innovative solutions to a public sector that faces significant challenges. Our name represents our civic commitment to helping clients succeed, because when they do, it enables them to make a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve."

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Our Technology should solve government problems, not create them.

Our Products

We help Government deliver better public services through modern technology and design

web design
Market place portal for silage industry

Silage is green fodder stored and preserved for yearlong or more, with majority of its nutrient values intact, just like mango pickle.

E-Silage product allows sellers to register themselves on portal and sell the silage related products and farmers can enquire about the same.

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graphic design

The Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries Department is the administrative department.

Implementation of various government beneficiary schemes and to ensure it reaches out to the right applicant with ease is a challenge is the main goal of this product.

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graphic design

Most of the Agri University did not have any online platform where they can reach out to Consumer / Farmers to direct sell their produces.

Consumers / Farmers were not getting direct messages from University about availability of seed.

With the help of our Technology, now Universities can sell their products with minimum efforts online

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Our Services

"Services" that changed the way businesses use to get operated

web design
Web Application Development
graphic design
Cloud Services
graphic design
Mobile Aplication Development

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Driving results for governments and citizens they serve

Don't just take our word for it.

Here is what some of our clients are saying about Us.

Averta is helping us to build a solution which is changing the definition of agricultural universities pursued by farmers and end-users for the value additions made by us .
Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth , Rahuri
Vice Chancellor
client 1
Averta platforms are helping to generate new generation agriprenuers at rural areas and it ensuring self-sustainability.
Deputy Commissioner
Maharashtra State-Dept of Animal Husbandary
client 1

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