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Using Averta Strategy’s frameworks, with the help of technology, now university can sell their products with minimum efforts online. We believe that every interaction between farmers and their local Government should be exceptional and frictionless.

That’s why we build technology solutions designed to faster positive and powerful farmer experiences. With more than 5 years of experience, Averta Strategy has earned the trust of over 4 University, their 50+ local government users, and their 3 million+ farmers.


How We Work With Unimart

Averta Strategy frameworks provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further increase the overall value proposition.


Website & Android App for Agricultural Universities, Government of Maharashtra and farmers to carry out all the process and recive SMS notifications


The execution of developed systems for all the Agricultural Universities of Maharashtra took place for more than three conscutive years.


Provided extensive support to both the University Stakeholders and Farmers to ensure the smooth execution of the softwares.


Received very positive feedback from both University Executives and Farmers.

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Problem statement Agricultural Universities

We are the first platform enabling increased benefits for farmers, retailers, and consumers

University did not have any online platform where they can reach out to consumer/farmers to direct sell their produces
Offline selling has alot of limitations like infrastructure, resources, time bound process
Actual farmer was not getting the benefits of Universities produces which are developed / researched for them
Distribution of seed was tedious process with lot of paperwork and to maintain the files
Consumers/Farmers were not getting direct messages from University about availability of seed
Transaction/payments were done with cash which authority needs to submit in bank after sale.
The future of Quality Products supply chain is Unimart

We are the first platform enabling increased benefits for farmers, retailer and Universities.

We are the first platform enabling Facility to purchase seed using online platform from anywhere.

Every Year we have sold the around 4 thousand kg in just half an hour
Every Year we have sent approx 20+ thousand SMS for mobile number verification and distribution.
In last year we have implemented Payment Gateway for direct bank transfer which got tremendous response from users or farmers
Our System got approval from Govt approved testing institutes
We believe in Our Unimart System - A Solution for every need

With the help of technology now university can sell their products with minimum efforts online

With Online selling we achieved below

End farmer is getting direct benefit

Selling of products within a few hours

No pressure for different favours

Money is directly getting transferred to university bank account

Distribution of seed made easy process with the help of real time messaging to buyers

Infrastructure cost is saved

Resources cost and time is saved & Less paperwork

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Solution is certified by CERTIN for it's best industry practices

Beneficiary Feedbacks

Creating opportunities for Popular Agricultural Universities

Bringing trust, speed & transparency in seed purchase transactions across global agriculture value chains using cutting-age online Unimart technologies