India's Biggest Market Place For Silage Industry

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How We Work With E-Silage

Demand & supply of green fodder around the year is a challenge in the animal fodder industry

Averta Strategy's framework of E-Silage provides a marketplace solution for all the stakeholders in silage industry


Website & Android App for sellers and farmers to carry out all the process and recive SMS notifications


The E-Silage portal is live 24x7 to provide the required solution at all the time


24x7 support to both sellers and farmers to make sure their queries get resolved in no time


Received Appreciation from state fodder development office of commissionrate. Received very positive feedback from both sellers and farmers

Problem statement Silage Industry

Being a niche sector, silage industry has many challenges some of which are mentioned below

Demand & supply of green fodder around the year is a challenge
There isn't enough awareness about silage
No online marketplace to provide enough information
Difficult to find silage providers
The future of silage industry is E-Silage

We are the first platform enabling the communication between sellers and farmers in silage industry

More than 60,000 Ton of silage requirement generated
Single marketplace to answer the queries about silage
Real time SMS notifications to inform both seller and farmers
Multiple sellers to choose from
We believe in E-Silage - A Solution for silage industry

With the help of technology now farmers and sellers can communicate with each others and farmers needs can be satisfied

With Online selling we achieved below

Farmers can enquire for silage anytime

Enquire from mobile app or website in few easy steps

Singla place to get the answers of all the silage related questions

Enqueries are directly forwarded to sellers based on locations

Silage related other products are also available

Gap between sellers and farmers is reduced

Esilage is helping rural youths in creating sustainable entrepreneurship, employment and wealth generation at large

Single place to get the all the information about silage

Creating opportunities Silage Industry

Bringing trust, speed & transparency in silage industry across global agriculture value chains using cutting-age online technologies